The Wonder Emporium

One sunny day, Mckenzie woke up and her dad came into her room running like a criminal running from the police. He said you can walk past the shops today but you cannot go to that shop that is filled with wonder. It will lead you to a horrible place, somewhere we aren’t allowed. McKenzie knew if she ignored dad she would be in trouble, like 1 year of grounding that is 365 days. She went outside and started to walk past the shops. She saw the Wonder Emporium and said ‘’i’ll just have a little peek’’ and she went inside of the shop and said ‘’ its not that bad what were my parents talking about? Never mind they probably meant another shop this place is amazing ’’ As she looked everywhere she could see neon walls changing colors every time you you took a step. It was paradise. She looked at a dusty book and blew on it so there was not a single piece of dust since she hated dust and how it spreads everywhere. It was an enormous book. After she picked up the book she was trying to flip the pages but the book was refusing to flip. Suddenly, the shop grew bigger and bigger and she was trapped inside. A black suited woman appeared in the room Mckenzie was in, she fell on her back and slid her feet back crying and saying “please dont hurt me im just 13. My name is ummm….. Mia yeah my name is Mia” the woman stared at her.

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