The Wonder Emporium

Zahra  hadaways been  a shy  girl  and  her  grandad   warned  her   not to be putting herself into  trouble. one  rainy  afternoon ,  she  was  jogging  up  a  rocky road when  she heard a tinkling sound .  As  she turned around  and  looked  behind her,  she  saw  the  emporium  door   opened   without  thinking  she terrified  stepped  one  foot  inside. 

The shop was so full of wonders. She saw a silver cage of vicious cats, a miniature aeroplane flying in the air and a whole draw of her favourite movies. She could smell sugary sweets and hear scratching sounds on the walls. On a shelf Zahra found an old and dusty book she went to touch it but before she could an old lady came and said dont you dare touch that book.

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