The Wondrous Emporium

The wondrous emporium



Even though it looked wondrous from the outside, there are mysterious secrets hidden beyond sight range.


By the wondrous emporium you can feel, hear and even smell something peculiar going on inside the building. Some say there’s an earthquake machine inside, others say they test explosives in a basement and some really imaginative people say there’s a party going on in there. No one could quite tell what is in inside. The townsfolk have lots of rumours about it which are completely random, in addition the building is the size of a 12 story hotel with midnight shaded bricks. No one ever even thought of entering the building until John.


Chapter 1: Into the emporium

I bet if anyone could say something about John, most people would say he’s weird, but not weird weird he is curiously weird, which makes him quite nosy.


One day when John was walking down the street to buy a snack because he’d finished his chores. While he walked past and stared at the old shop, which was closed as usual. About five minutes later he walked past and the doors to that creepy old building were open.


As curiosity got the better of him, he slowly walked in. By the way John is quite stubborn to everyone except his parents. As he walked in he could hear something, so he ran in trying to confront something. But instead he saw a book, John looked at the cover and it said the book of wondrousness. It looked as old as the universe itself. Just when he opened the book, a short old man appeared behind him and said, “Looks like you found my special book sonny.”

“And who might you be… sir?” said John

“Oh… I am the owner of this amazing emporium, The Wondrous Emporium” declared the owner.

John thought, “I wonder what things are inside of this special emporium.” There were porcelain dolls, expertly carved wooden soldiers and lots more.

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