Water Pegasus

The water pegasus , which is the rarest in the world, was found in an abandond cave covered  in seaweed , snails, slugs and allsorts of olther disgusting stuff her name is shadow .

she has fragile wings side by side and green eyes ,baby blue fur and lots of beautiful pink and teal horn. Her tail as blue as the clear blue sky and glowing the dark hooves. The water pegasus loves curry and chilli she also eats seaweed, snails, slugs and grass .

Fun facts about shadow the water pegasus

She ***** out french fries and peparoni pizza.

she loves the ocean at sunrise.

she doesn’t like crab or seahorse.

you should never mess with shadow because she gets real mad about if you touch her wings.

she loves pizza and baby pegasus .

shadow always uses  her magic to tell no one to pick up the mushrooms , because they are a bad sign of the royal navy coming to get you.

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