Chapter 2

Chapter 2

He went to a shop with toys all on the wall and old wall and toy dogs with no eyes

And disk players toys Babs and a man came from behind an old musty curtain and said in my” WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SHOP? don’t touch anything especially the book of wonder.” He went to touch it when the man was turned around then the shop keeper turned around as quick as flash. Then he went in the back, so Ron opened the book and pick a pen up and draw airsoft world then a door pop up and he walk in and pick up a gun and started to play. There are guns all on the walls and targes ammunition armour snipers and pistols and assault rifle and he heard a sound behind him it was the.

Man was coming in the room so Ron jumps behind a doll with armour on it but the man pick a pistol up and said I know your in here so Ron put body armour and pick up a pistol and ran outside on the battle field so did the shop keeper and Ron shot the shop keeper in the eye so then he ran inside where the guns are and the shop keeper ran back In shop and look for Ron then Ron shut the door and lock it and he pic up a gun and started to play again.

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