Chapter 2 – a warning disobeyed

Chapter 2 – a warning disobeyed


“O hello your back, my name is Luciano Gold.” “Your free to look at our shop but DO NOT touch the book.”

So, he went to go and look around the shop and there were at least 100 doors, he wondered where they all lead to. He found the book. Turning back, he opened the book. Each page contained a different world. One was a world full of chocolate fountain’s, one was 20 villages, 9 cities, and 70 skyscrapers.

John was drawing a cottage with a grass field trees bushes and a garden.

“This way,” said the owl. John closed book and, without thinking, he followed the owl. The owl flew down the corridor until it came to the one door that had been freshly painted. It slowly came in front of the door.

He stepped inside and went “WOW.” “This is amazing, “said John. It had a colourful field with a cottage and a beautiful garden. John ran down to the cottage and opened the door.

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