Chapter 2: The Amazing Wonder

Chapter 2: The Amazing Wonder

William somehow woke up with a start. He didn’t remember falling asleep. “No, no please no,” he worried, “am I dead, was the Emporium just a dream or was it a nightmare?”

“Oh no, it wasn’t a dream and certainly not a nightmare,” came a strange voice, “you just fainted, my boy, you’re still here, you know.” William was so confused. He looked up and around a room that he felt he’d been in before. “I am Mr. Michael Smythe, pleased to meet you,” he stated, calmly.

“I’m William,” William replied. He stood up immediately and glanced at the book with the dirty pages that he’d seen earlier on.

“Why are you so desperate to touch that?” Mr. Smythe questioned. But William ignored him. Somehow, he appeared in front of him. “It’s cursed,” he breathed, slowly. William gaped at the word that the creepy shop owner said. With difficulty, William’s words rearranged into a serious question. “Why is there a tiny clock built into it with different dates and times and why are the pages blank?”

“Well, I used to wonder the exact same thing,” he admitted, “there are really no need for the blank pages and the tiny clock is for this Emporium and all its secrets and mysteries are hidden throughout these dates and times. It’s the Emporium’s Book of History.”

“So, what you’re basically saying is that this magical shop began in the year 1111?” William realized.

“Indeed, my boy.”

“Why is it cursed?”

“Not your concern, child,” Mr. Smythe hissed. As he then turned away, William decided to pick up the book and look at it in secret. He shoved it under his coat and sat down in a dark corner of the shop far away from where anyone could see him. He found a pen inside of the book. William felt the urge to write something on the musty pages. He found himself drawing a really tall cake with a chocolate fountain and some sweets. Suddenly, he heard a loud purr in his ear. “What are you drawing young child?” whispered Mr. Smythe’s jet black cat. “Not that you’re in trouble but I just want to know so I can show you where to go to find it.”

“I’m, I’m drawing a world of sweets and chocolates. I never get much of them, you see,” admitted William, fumbling with his fingers.

“Then I shall show you, child.” William followed the cat and was led into a dark room full of different doors. “Would you like to stay in this year of time or the other years that are cursed?” the cat asked.

“Erm, obviously this year if it isn’t cursed,” William replied.

“Okay then, I’ll be waiting out here then while you explore this door on the left. Also, by the way, you are the first person apart from me and my master to create a wonder and a room.” William felt a rush of pride. He slowly turned the doorknob and found himself in a vast room full of all the sweet treats you could ever desire.

William was truly amazed. Every direction he looked, sweets, lollies, chocolate fountains and even cake filled the room and the delectable smell lingered in his nose. He knew he had to explore some more or even try just a little bit of desserts. William ran through the field of lolly-pops, he swam through the chocolate rivers, he jumped from one sweet to another sweet and he had properly enjoyed himself for the first time in his life.



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