Chapter 2 = The new door

Chapter 2- The new door


Luciano came up to Violet and said, “I am Luciano Gold, I am the owner of the shop”, he said happily.

Violet didn’t know what to say but without a thought she turned to open the book

Luciano moved her hands off the book and said, “Don’t touch the book!”

Violet didn’t care what he said so when Luciano went, she grabbed the book and turned the pages aggressively. Violet saw pictures of jungles, sunsets, seas and beautiful mountains. Violet had a thought to draw in the book but as quickly as she could, she eagerly found a black pen to draw it. She drew a door that said sunset world on it.


Violet saw the man’s pet rabbit that led her to a corridor of doors that had at least 100 of them in it. Violet’s mouth dropped as the rabbit then led her to the door that she had drawn in the book.


“that’s the book I had drawn in my book, “said Violet astonishingly, as she looked around.


She decided to have a look in the room as the rabbit hopped away slowly. Violet stepped into the room quickly as she shut the door behind her. As Violet shut the door behind her, she looked up and down at the room she was in. There was a beautiful sunset, a grassy field, a bench and at the end there was a nice old-fashioned cottage with a brown wooden door connecting to it.


“How did this happen,” she said nervously.






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