Part 1

“I am Charlie Manor and who are you and how did you get in?” Before you answer how brilliant is this place don’t you think? “It’s amazing I’ve never seen anything like this but i’m charlotte but my friends like to call me Char for short and you forgot to lock the door” replied Charlotte in surprise, keeping her mouth wide open, “You may look around my shop and touch but you must not touch this book just don’t no guests are aloud to touch this. ” he explained. “Alright, I’ll leave you to it, I have my son to take care of but whatever you do, don’t open that book.” he said suspiciously, In the shop she noticed the book but Charlotte desperately wanted to open the book to see what was he was hiding in it but she thought that it could be a test to gain trust but Charlotte didn’t listen to what her mind was telling her she had nervous butterflies in her stomach like they was ready to explode. But the book was to tempting but she really wanted to open it but instead she left the book and explored everything else and kept her hands to herself. But instantly, she ran back and opened the book she disobeyed what Mr Charlie had said to her Charlotte scanned the room looking if he was there but no one was there she scanned through the pages and they were all drawings but two pages was very surprising. Inside Charlotte gasped there were drawings of the inside the emporium and money “Is this why he’s so rich because he has drawn money” said Charlotte silently.

Part 2

Charlotte flipped to an empty page. But without thinking, she grabbed the pen and started to draw then she looked at what she had drawn and it was a Jungle and a stripped tiger behind a tree and looks like it was going to pounce but she thought the tiger would never be real even if she entered this ordinary it still would never appear. Until the son appeared through a door and came up to look at the book “What are you doing with this book open didn’t my dad tell you not to open and draw in the book.” “Sorry there was this weird feeling about it, but wo are you.? “I’m the son but my name is Felix” he said suspiciously like she was going to do something bad “Oh well my name is Charlotte but Char for short” she said. She closed the book, “Alright are you ready? said Felix “Where are we going? said Charlotte “You’ll see” he said. Felix and Charlotte walked away to a door and it didn’t look like an ordinary door it had a sign on it called Jungle “Here we are” said Felix, pointing at the door “Its just a door” Charlotte said while staring at Felix “Not an ordinary door can you see the sign called Jungle? its a jungle room” he said “Oh” she said. She flipped through the book trying to find the page that she drawn on. She finally found it an looked at the door that had hanging vines on the door. Felix opened the door and the cold breeze blew in Charlottes face, but he didn’t trust her alone just in case something bad happens so they both entered the room, but Charlotte completely forgot she still had the book and the drawing of the tiger. They both explored the jungle for an hour since it was gigantic, but five minutes later they heard a noise it was a roar and then a stripped tiger pounced out and then Felix and Charlotte ran back to the door Felix opened the door as fast as he can and then he shut the door and grabbed the book off of her and flipped to the right page then ran back to the desk and grabbed a rubber and erased it. They both calmed down after a while, Felix and Charlotte sat on the floor and talked.

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