The Football Emporium


There are some places that everybody goes, like the park, the shops, cafes and many more but nobody dares to go to the stadium of Wonder. Let’s go back to the 1st of October, when the ground that the stadium lies in was completely empty, nothing but grass. Unexpectedly, the Stadium of Wonders arrived on the 31st of October, better known as Halloween. Was it a coincidence or was it the spirits of Halloween? Nobody knows.


Chapter 1

Now it is the 2nd of November, and the Stadium of Wonders remains empty. Well, that’s what everybody in London thinks. On that same day Erin decided that she was going to play football with her mates. She took her normal route that goes past the empty fields when she realised that there was a football stadium there, so you can imagine she was very curious, so she was straight up to the main opening and then soon realised that the door was open, so she stepped in and straight away she saw tons and tons of football strips and she started to pick up some. She had about 6 football strips in her hand and noticed that they were cheap and was about £5 per strip and thought that was a little bit unusual so she was heading to try and find the till, but it was

nowhere to be seen. Then she heard an angry voice behind her “how did you get in hear I thought I locked the door and anyways we don’t open till noon so drop your stuff and get out of here” Erin was stunned and completely froze then the man spoke again “I said get out why are you still standing there” immediately she dropped her stuff and ran straight to the door pulling it back as hard as she could and without looking back she started running for her life. Until she got the sense that someone was following her, but she just kept on running and running.


The next day she decided to go back to the shop at noon, so she did, and she saw the same man again and he look really stunned to see her, so he came up to her and said, “how do you remember this place?” she replied with “well I was just hear yesterday and it was quite the experience so I don’t think I will be forgetting this very soon” then he said “follow me please I have something to show you” he led her downstairs Erin had no idea what was going on but she was interested what it could be, so she kept on following him and hie led her to the back of the room where there was a desk. He then opened the draw and took out this book that said “The managers secret handbook” he then said “Erin you have something special about you most people come and forget about The Football Emporium, but you somehow remembered” “this is the

managers secret handbook you right your wonders and wishes in it and it comes true now this can be a dangerous thing if you don’t do it right so that why you should never right in it without me I repeat You Should Never Right In It Without me have I made myself clear!?” Erin nodded in shock.


Chapter 2

After that he said, “Right you clearly have something special about you so how would you feel if I asked you to come and work for me?”. Erin took a moment to process what the man had just said She replied with “Yes, I would love to work for you, but I am only 11 and I have school, what if my parents start asking about the job? What do I say?” she then said, “Sorry, I forgot to ask what your name is?” that man started to walk around the room randomly picking up things and inspecting them then after a short while he said “my name is Hecter, but it is Mr. Corbett to you, ok?” Erin nodded her head “Anyway back to my question,” said Erin “Oh yeah” said Mr. Corbett “what I was going to say was when you come to The Football Emporium you could spend hours and hours in here and it would seem like ages but the second you step into the Emporium time stops so you mum and dad will never know that you have gone in the first place” “Wow” replied Erin “That is so cool” “Ok I need to go do some stuff so you can just have a little wander around and get to

know the place a bit more is that alright with you” Erin nodded her head “alright I will see you later on then” Mr. Corbett said “yep see you later” Erin replied. So Hecter went off to do his own thing and as soon as he left Erin went straight over to the desk and opened the book to the first empty page and wrote “I want to visit every stadium there is in the world by the end of the week.” then she waited and looked round and there was a door behind her, and it read “Step in to visit all the stadiums you can ever think of” so before without thinking twice she was in it then she thought maybe I shouldn’t have done that I don’t think that Mr. Corbett would be very happy with me if he found out what I have just done so she quickly turned around to open the door, but it was locked……

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