The Haunted Emporium

Chapter 2

Josh was warned not to touch the book of soldiers, but Josh doesn’t like to listen to people so he grabbed the book of the shelf but when he picked it up, he thought he was being watched but he wasn’t being watched by anyone. He said to himself why didn’t he let me use the book. As time went by, Josh kept thinking why the Emporium owner didn’t let him use the book. He put the book back for a bit. The man came walking by and asked what he was doing. Josh didn’t reply. “Why didn’t you let me hold that book?” questioned Josh.
“You see that book… never mind,” said the owner.
“What your name?” asked Josh.
“My name is Gerard,” said Gerard “What’s yours.”
“Josh my name is Josh,” Josh answered.

Then Josh was dragged into the book to pick up again and then he opened the book and saw pictures of forests, rivers, trees, grass, houses, streetlamps, football pitches and a lot more. Then he saw a pen on a table so he went over picked it up and decided if he wanted to draw in the book and he decided he wanted to do it, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it just in case, he would do something to the shop.

With out thinking, he started drawing a small cottage, forest and a medieval castle. He heard a noise coming for behind the curtain then it stopped, and he went to explore what it was. He heard a footstep, coming towards him and then the man came in and said, “You, what are you doing,” said Gerard.
“Nothing,” answered Josh. Josh jumped into the room and Gerard jumped in too.

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