the mystic emporium by RiLeY

Chapter one-the mystic emporium


Riley was going down a street,with no phone and scared being followed by 2 bullies ,he starts running the bullies start to run to.but riley saw the mystic emporium and stood staring into a universe of toys,the brick work as golden as starlight and a moonlight silver door waiting to be opened,so he entered.


As he entered,the smell of cheesecake delighted him and the infinite toys were changed to all his favourites and a closed red curtain with orange flickering light spiling from the curtain illuminating the room he was in.seeing a silver bees fly around a flower, a snake golden like the sun then emerged from a door leading to somewhere and a hamster as awake as a star nibling on his shoes,he ran towards the curtain to escape but suddenly was face to face with blinding heat,he pushed past the heat riley saw a phoenix blue and red the rarest one of them all he thought, but it flew away as it sensed him,riley turned back for his safety and saw a desk he opened a draw he found a book,the phoenix was on the book red and blue it was but suddenly a man with grey lightning eyes a dark jacket on his back a voice so anonymous its cruel he said “i see,you found my book child” riley put the book back lifted his head and his head was puzzled it was his…….


Chapter 2 


 The mysterious man was his uncle,his uncle said “do not read that book”, his eyes were sharpened and staring at the drawer where Riley placed the book, Riley replied “ok” before going off and hiding but the book drew Riley in power and all it was magnificent…. 


 Riley ran to the book as his uncle left and Riley then opened it flipped to a page after page after page and page but suddenly he was lured deep into the book right at the middle the exact page and at the middle of a word he was.


 sucked  in teleporting him to a zoo filled with animals extinct ones,mythical ones and greek mythology ones it was a zoo between worlds the amazement of many worlds also in his brain were amazing. 


The look of some animals were ones hed never seen even in mythology books.

 riley explored heard the crackling of fire and witnessed a phoenix cooking the smell was as great as a cooked steak, and feeding its young,he saw a lion with three heads,riley went to a stall selling animal meat the taste as rich as tea, and a giraffe so tall it reached the karman line he was sure now he never wanted to leave but as he thought leave riley was taken back to the mystic emporium wondering what just happened he walked to a room found a couch and slept .the journey made him as tired as a sloth but something pushed at him his uncle grabbed him, walked him home and placed him in his bed all the while he was asleep.

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  1. Lovely story loved reading it!

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