The suspicious emporium



There are some places that can’t be discovered when you’re trying to look for them, but they are there even when you don’t need them. Well, The Suspicious Emporium was just the same as all the other ones.

But no one has ever gone through the Suspicious Emporium it has always been too dark and heavy too. It also smells amazing smell like there’s a professional chef in there.

Chapter 1 – It’s opened

No one dared to enter until Bill bravely pushed open the door. Everywhere he looked it looked rare and cool. There were big, massive boxes full of sweets, there were some fluffy teddy bears that were dirty and dusty but looked cool and my favourite of them all was named Prime. There were also flying books and automatic pencils that write on their own. Footballs that switch colour when you kick them and my favourite colour of them all was tangerine because it was an illumines colour.


He wanted it all until a strange man came out of the shadows and he said, “We are shut and how did you get in here?”

Bill told the man that he was getting chased by a bunch of bullies and he came in here.

The strange shop owner has big gloomy eyes and a big black coat on. The man had a fat big ugly rat in his dirty and dusty pocket.


Chapter 2-book opened

The shopkeeper was wiping his nose when he said, “How on earth did you get into my shop?”

Bill replied, “Oh-oh sorry.”

The shopkeeper answered, “The door was locked I mean.”

Bill was looking around the shop and found this cool book, but the owner told him not to touch it, but he had to. When he let him wonder about, he was about to touch it until he came in, so he waited a bit longer to see what was inside the book. After about an hour goes by, Bill goes to the book to see what’s inside.

The shopkeeper said that he could write a wonder of his own. He wrote about chocolate and how much he likes it and when you ate it made you very energetic. The room was very brown because there was chocolate everywhere. The shopkeeper went inside.




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