A mouse’s food notice

To owner of this house,

I am here to write a complaint about the lack of decent food in your house such as cheese, caviar and that cream cheese you had a week ago. I don’t want anything like steak, ribs, marshmallows or bread. I suggest you get better food or I will leave your house forever! I will give you 2 days to get better food.

Notice: don’t get a cat or I’ll get all my friends to take down the beast! If you get a dog I will get every mouse in the country to make it leave!

2 Responses to “A mouse’s food notice”

  1. Hello! I really liked your piece of writing.
    1. I love the words you used.
    2. Do you like your writing?
    3. Maybe just read your writing again because the part when you said “I’m leaving if you don’t-”
    I think they would like the mouse to leave.

  2. Hi I really like how you did this writing in first person. From Poppy

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