Sister for sale

My sister is annoying if you would like an annoying sister buy her for £1 on special offer, she is a patient 18 year old who is definitely intelligent and loves maths she comes with everything she needs, her hobbies are dancing and singing, please, buy her.

She is an active girl but she is a very annoying girl, beware of her attitude, she only gets angry when you fail at Maths. She has polite manners but forgets to knock on your bedroom door, I suggest you be kind to her, she’s glued to her phone 24/7 so don’t worry.

2 Responses to “Sister for sale”

  1. Hi !
    I really like how you have made you sister sound annoying but good.
    What else is your sister good for? Besides being annoying and being good at maths?
    I suggest that you put some other things she is good at so people would buy her!

  2. Hi I loved how you’ve said you can buy her for £1.
    But you don’t need to put a comma between please and buy. “please, buy her”.
    If your getting someone to buy her. Why are you telling them she’s annoying?
    From Pollie

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