The Emporium of Mystery

Chapter 4

1 year later, Ben comes back to the shop a man comes to Ben and get him to a mystery room with a book in there. There was a mystery man talking that said” well you have got in my trap there only one way too goes out but it impossible you have too do big jumps, run pass monster, go too mazes and get the key.

Ben jumped and jumped and jumped he looks down and he was scared because its big black hole Ben jumped to the end he runs to a hole and saw the monster he sneakily passes the monster. Ben have got too the maze he run; he has gone somewhere. Ben heard something behind him he looks back and he saw a big wolf he run and got too the end. Ben was goanna get the key but, a man jumps down and stopped Ben.


Ben slowly goes behind the man and gets the key the saw that ben was gone he looked behind but Ben got the key too exit and the new book Ben runs and draw something on the book he goes in it and is full of candy he gets a lot of candy and run out of the shop.

One Response to “The Emporium of Mystery”

  1. I really like this because they are sneaky and really good how did you get this sentence and i think you should of put full stops .

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