Chapter 3-The Great Excape

Bob inspected this strange environment. Abruptly he had to stop as a large ravene was up ahead. Across this ravene was a door, so like the speed of light, Bob got a whole stack of dirt and bridged across. Unfortunately, it was night, so loads of creepers, zombies and skeletons riding spiders spawned. Bob’s jaw dropped. He thought he would never return to his cold fish and chips at home. Suddenly, a rubbery hand poked his shoulder, slowly he turned around. Glowing white eyes on a Steve character. It was the iconic Herobrine. Herobine was behind a warped crimson sign that read ‘speedrun’.

Bob trusted this sign with gratitude. So he got to work, getting wood for sticks, then a pickaxe. A few minutes later Bob was on his way back up to the surface when an Enderman teleported right in his cave. So they turned the cave into a combat arena. It was the Endermans turn first, he got redstone blocks and threw them against the wall. Although this was no match for the fully upgraded warrior Bob was. Mods were installed, so many Ender pearls dropped from the mob. While building stairs up and out of the ravene, Bob saw a skyblock island. This was no ordinary skyblock island as it had the glowing door! Despite having the door right in front of him. He completely forgot about the lurking beast behind him. There was something different about it. The monster was whispering “Come back, come back.”
This did not make Bob want to stay put. In fact, Bob eagerly chucked the Ender Pearl and within a flash, he was infront of the portal. So he burst through the door.

As speedy as a blink, Bob was back in the emporium, Jeff was staring intensely into his soul.
“Why did you run,” questioned Jeff, “Also i told you not to draw in the scroll.”
Bob was too scared and shy to say anything, so he just shrugged. Unexpectedly, Jeff got out a broom and started pushing Bobs feet. He got the message and exited with a grudge.

When he left, he heard an ear piercing SCREECH! Everything was fine until he got home. As Bob opens his blind he saw the Emporium in his back garden. It beckoned Bob in…again…

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