chapter 4

Jacob was breathing heavily.Jacob was terror-shruck.He couldent  belive he was getting chased because it was jacobs first time getting chased. He knew what his mother had said 

“Do not go close to strangers, only friends and family.” Jacob remembered that there was a piece of timber outside of the old bombshack so he yanked it off and he blocked the door but Jacob couldn’t find a screwdriver to screw it on. Jacob felt like Sam and Colby when they were screaming from the ghost’s at the stanley hotel which is one of the most haunted places in the whole country of America.jacob felt like “how have i done that  i feel like i have superpowers.” Jacob turned around and saw that the door was open and Jacob went through because he saw a pool so Jacob felt so relieved that he finally found the door and  he was so excited to open the door.


Jacob left the old bombshack and he wanted to go and talk to the Emporium owner. The place has got more beautiful than last time he forgot the umbrella and so he decided  to go and get the umbrella and Jacob said to  himself “come on jacob remember.” it had a old piece of timber, luckily he found it so he didn’t have to get all soaking wet and then he talked to the emporium owner. 


Jacob left the emporium and it took him about half an hour to get back to the bombshack and when he got back he couldn’t open the door  and then it opened and he saw that the door was gone!…

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