Chapter 4 escape

Chapter 4:


Frantically,Ron escaped as building collasped. He got stopped by a car as the building almost squished him like a pancake.He was running to find another that was safe.


Instantly,he looked around so he didn’t get in trouble.But he got in trouble:He locked himself in a room.But the man kicked the door and he was super aggressive to Ron he escaped and started rushing.He went home and a monster scared him.


Furthermore,he found a suspicious door that was hovering in the air but the monster was grinning at me because I made him mad and started fighting me.Quietly,Ron sneakily jumped high to the door.


It’s the Emporium but it’s so beautiful like an exotic flower popping.But the owner was a bit surprised and started talking to Ron.Hey said the owner are you same person yes said Ron the owner said to Ron don’t take the emporium it’s too dangerous said the owner.Ron got scared and saids okay the owner start cutting off the traps.

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