chapter 4: the escape

Emma spun into a panic as the magic door was not there, she turned to see the monster was a mile away from her. The monster stopped. One of the bunnies was climbing up the monster’s leg. The monster got distracted, so Emma had more time to find another way out. 

She started breathing heavily as she noticed that the monster shook off the bunny and came even closer. Finally, Emma found a button hidden on the side of an odd tree. She wondered why the tree was normal and all the others were purple. Emma said to herself and her new pet bunny  “oh right I was going to press the button to see what happens.” 


Emma pressed the button and she was back at the Emporium, but she did not have the bunny any more. She saw The Emporium owner (Abby) and went up to her “hi Abby” said Emma 

“ oh hello Emma” said Abby in her politest voice 

Emma told Abby what happened and she was shocked because Abby thought that Emma would not disobey what she said about the book. 

“OH Emma look at the time, maybe you should get home.” said Abby in a tired voice 

“ Yes, I will get going so my mum doesn’t shout at me,” said Emma in a sad voice. As Emma went outside she heard a crumbling noise so she turned around and saw the Emporium crumbling to the floor. 

Emma got home and sat on her bed and as she put her hand in her pocket she pulled out her bunny from the magic world and named it after The Emporium owner Abby. 

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