chapter 4 : the reterning

Chapter 4 :


Startled, she began to think bad thoughts and couldn’t move . Her muscles were tense and hurt.But what made the moment even worse was that animals scared out of their skins  were running as fast as they possibly could out of the bamboo forest. One even ran into her arm and onto her head. Squinting into the forest , she could see the thing running even sprinting through the forest as if it had never eaten before or was hungry for blood.


Examining her surroundings , she saw an iron door at the top of the biggest cherry tree she had ever seen. So she quickly ran to to the tree and climbed it as quickly as she could and tried to remember her training she did in rock climbing. Finally getting to the top she opened the door as quickly as she could and jumped in.


Slowly opening her eyes she was back in the Emporium but with the emporium owner standing in front of her.

 “ Where have you been ?” said the emporium owner with a clam but frustrated tone to his voice.

“Umm n-nowhere yes nowhere” she said in a scared and frightened way. 

“Oh really then so why is there an animal on your head that doesn’t belong here, and a door behind you I have never see before?” trying to get her to talk , he made up a trick.

“Look, once I click my fingers you will be teleported to mid space in the middle of nowhere with no air and nothing to help you get back” he said, having fun while having fun making it up . He slowly went to go click his fingers when she shouted “ I opened the book you told me not to open and I accidentally drew in it and a ferret took me to a door and I when in an I went into a abandoned temple and there was a monster thing and it chased me through the bamboo forest and then the door wasn’t there so I had to climb a tree to get

to a door and i ended up here! I’m sorry please don’t send me to space!” Starting to cry , he bent down and put his hand onto her shoulder and said “It is best if you go now” and he clicked his fingers and she was out the Emporium , but  what made her scared was that there was missing poster of her.              

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