Chapter Four – The Final

And then she ‘woke up’. Winifred started to cough. Alot. She was at the verge of coughing up blood. But in that moment, Winifred noticed that she was still in the ‘twisted world’. The glass door was open. She darted out hoping that this was the end. But as a result of running out as fast as lightning, Winifred’s body ended up at the bottom of the stairs.



Winifred’s body was again stuck onto the floor. She moaned in pain. Then she noticed her bloody wound. And then again, Winifred remembered the waterfall surrounding the world. Without hesitation, she put her ingured leg into the water. It started to heal! And then, Winifred saw a door at the bottom of the waterfall.



Wait a minute. Could this be it? The exit to this wicked world? Winifred was an excellent swimmer. So without hesitation, she dived in. It was hard to swim because inside the waterfall were rocks floating everywhere. Winifred didn’t care. Not even if she would get hit. She had to escape. Her lungs started to pound against her chest. She was running out of air. So, she started to kick her legs faster and reached out for the door handle.



“She’s back!” yelled a voice coming from the main Emporium area. Winifred didn’t even realise she was back. She was interested how her clothes and hair were dry. But she was snapped out of her thoughts when Ms. Widow came into the hallway of doors. She looked rather worried than mad.



“Oh dear lord, thank God you’re okay!” exclaimed Ms. Widow. “The world you’ve created had a deathly entity that could of killed you!”. And not even five seconds later, Winifred was wrapped in Ms. Widow’s arms. But little did they know that the entity was destroying the Emporium…

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