Chapter4-the return

Chapter4-The Return


Once he was full of panic, he fell to the floor shivering with fear. Not sure if the beast was next to him or not, he slowly lifted his head up to see the beast next to him. Its blood red eyes staring straight into his soul. He felt like he was prey. Suddenly, once the panic had submitted, he built up the courage to run. He sprinted as fast as Usain Bolt on the race track.


Frantically, he turned his head round to see if the beast was behind him or not, the horrible beast was right behind him with its claws as samurai swords out ready to pounce and make Jeff its lunch. He turned his head back around so that he was looking in front of him again. Out of nowhere, there was a  pool he hadn’t seen before about five feet away. As fast as light he made it to the pool, as he got closer he realised there was a door, which was glowing. Curiously, he plunged into the pool, knowing he was a good swimmer because of his swimming teacher. He kicked his legs as hard as he could and pushed his arms as fast as he could. He clutched onto the door handle and pulled it as hard as he could, eventually it opened. As soon as Jeff opened the glowing door the beast jumped in for him. Hurriedly he swam into the door.


He fell into the Emporium door with a THUD!  Rapidly, the owner walked over to him with  an angry face on but quickly changed his mood, the owner said to him in a calming voice “ I see you have faced your true fear, your biggest fear. Many people don’t realise once you disobey the rules you must pay the price, but you young boy you were one of the lucky ones most people don’t look for another door.”

“ W…hy do you do this to people?” said Jeff, shivering with fear.

The owner replied with “ I am sick and tired of people ignoring what I saw so they shall pay.”

Tired Jeff rubbed his eyes, but when he opened them he was back at home eating dinner with his family. Curiously, he started out of the window and the Emporium was gone! He noticed something across the street. It was the dog…


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