Have you ever seen some shops that nobody has seen? Well the ELSEWHERE  EMPORIUM is a shop just like that.Although It has big black brick that sparkles in the night.Although it has a giant golden gate like a castle.


Although there are pyramids of every chocolate and sweet,model planes coming to life and declaring war,toy cars having a race and bookshelves (Dating back 1806-1922).


Well that was until the doors opened.




Arthur,who was currently running from his school bully Tommy.This is a daily occurrence.Arthur is a very lonely boy his parents died a long a long time ago.So now he is an orphan.The boy with no hesitation, ran into the Emporium.


As Arthur ran into the ELSEWHERE  EMPORIUM  he was delighted by the smell of all of his mothers favourite perfume and the sound of his father whispering in his ear.All of a sudden, model planes seemed to come alive and started to fly above his head and a war commenced.There were pyramids of every chocolate and sweet and bookshelves with books (Dating back 1606 -1922).


Then a voice whispered “what are you doing in my shop”?! 




It was beautiful,vine twisted around the stained class windows ,pretty Roses and Tulips.A river slowly drifting in the wind.Every summer Arthur and his father used to jump in the river every summer.They always did breathing contests underwater.Everything was just how he remembers.Arthur then went to the oak door and twisted the golden handel.


As he walked in he shouted.”HELLO”!Checking if anybody was home.The cottage had everything it needed;teapots,plates,kettle for your morning tea and a table for six.He ascended up the flight of stairs he walked to his room his model planes were still hanging from the ceiling and his favourite teddy was still sitting on his pillow.


But then,it was strange doors repeatedly started to open and close and the kettle kept randomly steaming,wooden chairs were flipped upside down.Arthur sees long antennas poking through the window.


Arthur ran as fast as he could while the big thing was chasing him.Arthur ran through bushes,climbed over trees and jumped over logs.


But it was too late the door had vanished into thin air….




Arthur ran as fast as he could, his life flashed before his eyes.He was terrified a big giant thing was chasing him through a world he wrote in a book.


But it was too late the door had disappeared into thin air.”Its the end”he said,to himself there’s no other way out.Well that was until Arthur spotted a pool that sparkled in the beaming sun and it had magical golden grass that grew over it.With out hesitation he jumped in as he swam to the bottom of the pool he saw a fante image of a door the boy threw himself at the door and opened it.


There he was back in the Emporium everything was perfect.But there was one bad thing MR Silver was standing right in front of the door.Arthur golpe and then turned bright purple,Silver picked Arthur up by the ear and shouted “GET!OUT!”


Arthur slowly walked out of the shop in shame hoping Silver would change his mind but that was not the case.When Arthur walked out of the shop he looked to have one more look but it had disappeared.


                                         THE END  


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