The Egare Emporium full story

Hearing The tapping on the floorboard made Joseph soar down the stairs and race to the door. But, when he got to the door he realised the door was barricaded. “Not good!” Joseph said to himself. He had used all his energy charging to the door like a cheetah. As Joseph crawled along the floor to not find the monster and instead something that could help him knock down the door. Then he checked behind him and saw the monster! He could find anything that could help him. Could this be the end?


No he won’t die! So he kicked down the door as the creature hissed “Don’t you d-” his sentence was interrupted by Joseph kicking the door down anyway and the creature screaming in pain “NOOOOOO!” Then he turned into ashes as if he was being set on fire. Then he was in a forest (different from the one he entered.) He could see: The cottage now without the door ;a very deep forest and the border of a city.


He saw the sun was about to set so he ran to the nearest hill and he saw the sky colouring itself pink, red and even yellow. Then it started to rain but, it only rained in front of him, then the rain built a door he didn’t like getting wet but, it was that or him being completely separated from his friends for life.


 So he entered and he was back in the Emporium also hoping Sir. Ginger wasn’t mad at him. So, he found the owner and Sir. Ginger asked after taking a deep breath, “found what you want?” “No, sadly I haven’t.” said Joseph “Nevermind there’s always another day.”


“Now you better get going, here’s some food suggested by Sir. Cactus and Sir. Birdus.” “Oh thankyou guys.” Joseph said, confused. “You’re welcome!” Replied the animals. So, with that Joseph left to go to his house alone. Then he checked the present and it had a letter on it…

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