Flying-Water snake

Flying-Water Snake


The flying-water snake is a very unusual insect that was only discovered six months ago on the first of June on Wednesday. A Group of highly trained zoologists have been researching this creature. Surprisingly, they have made some very remarkable discoveries in only six months. Would you be able to identify one of these remarkable creatures if you were out on your own? Read on to find out.




This remarkable creature has a green scaly body with black splotches. It has many body features such as: its red orange fiery wing;its massive tongue, which can stretch up to 30cm long; its dark green venomous spikes (that can control when they come out);and last of its scorpion-like stinger in its rear end.


Special Abilities


One of the most amazing abilities is its red, orange wings that can set anything it wants on fire. Its blue scorpion-like sting can melt through bone and metal. Also, its green spikes ( that can control when they come out) are very venomous, its venom is even stronger than the Western Taipan snake, which is the most venomous snake in the world. The most intriguing thing about this creature is that it has no eyes, but it has very good senses so it knows what is happening.




The flying-water snake is an omnivore ( it eats plants and meat ) that sometimes eats plants but its main diet is human flesh so stay as far away from this creature as possible at least 30 cm. You might be wondering how it catches its prey? If you were then you’re in luck. It uses its massive tongue to choke its prey and reel it in. Since it has such a small mouth it has to slurp up its food.




Its main habitat is the tall green grass so it can camouflage itself. If you are lucky you will be able to spot its fiery wing or its stinger. It can also be found in rivers, oceans or the sea by the reeds. Try to be safe.

                                                                                                            By Warren

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