Lady spider

Lady spider

about it.

The Lady Spider is a deadly creature and if you go close, it will attack you. It is huge and it eats rats, mice, leaves, and humans. It only comes out in the night since it sleeps all day and only wakes up at night but when it starts becoming light it runs in bushes since that is where they sleep and sometimes, they go into trees. It was discovered about 5 years ago in Germany.

what it looks like.

The Lady Spider has 25 legs and 2 arms. It has antennas that are orange and black and its wings can sting you and its stinger is position so if it stings you ring ambulance since the stinger is more positions than a snake bite and you could die from the sting. The color of the Lady Spider is red. orange, black and its eggs are purple it can lay about 2,000,000 eggs each month. And this creature is the most dangerous animal on the earth.



It mostly eats brightly colored things it doesn’t have any teeth, so it eats thing in one. It is now located in the UK. But if you see it, you must run as fast as possible! It shimmers in the night sky. It is 50 inches long.

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