`Mini Mush.Mini Mush is an extremely rare creature. It is a one of a kind.The Mini Mush is so rare people wait their whole lives just to see one.




The Mini Mush has a unique style for a mushroom.On the top of it spotted body it has devil like horns as sharp as a blade and could puncher anything.It also has Mini Mushroom hands that allow it to swing branch to branch.




The MIni Mush has a  curtain amount of places it likes to stay or hide out.The mystical creature likes damp and breezy spots.But when it does not feel safe such as ;A bad storm,a gang of humans or a large predator that could harm it.It goes under a damp rock and when it does not feel harmed it goes up in tall oak trees.




The creature has an odd diet.It can last as long as a year without any food but when it is hungry it eats:Birds eggs,crocodile eyes,leftover snake skin and human flesh.But if Mini Mush is in a survival situation it will eat itself.




Mini Mush  may look like a cute and harmless.But you thought wrong.Mush will not attack if it does not feel threatened or harmed  but it does feel that way(JUST BEWARE)It will kill you in a second with its razor sharp horns.


                INTERESTINGLY,Mini Mush can only live up to three 

                               Years ,if lucky four years.

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