Shadow-Fly Earwig

The Shadow-Fly Earwig

The Shadow-Fly Earwig is a scarcely populated creature that has only been discovered a couple of months ago. During that time, zoologists have been studying about this creature. Although, hardly anything is figured out yet despite being worked on in the labs. So will you be able to identify this insect if it was roaming? And will you know how to handle the dangerous Earwig? If you read on, I will tell you all about what we have found out.



Many of these earwigs have intricately designed scales with many different patterns. Weirdly, the scales all come in blue round the eyes, which merges into purple near the middle then the scales suddenly stop and merge into black. It is a very confusing occurrence. Although there is a very miniscule chance that there are one or two scales per segment of the torso. The bloodshot eyes shimmer in the tropical sunshine. Its mandibles are extremely vulnerable: although the claws on the end can slice through a human ear; and are so large that a whole horsefly can be gobbled in one go. This is now counted as one of the scariest animals in the animal kingdom.


Unique behaviours 

Despite being a small creature compared to Dream-Catcher Dragonfly this earwig has many more features than most of the insect kingdom. Many of these include: venom that can kill a full grown adult human in 4 shots; it can burn through wood just by using its glossy red eyes; and a large spike, which can cuts through its preys skin, leaving just the prey’s bones on show.



The earwigs diet is one of the strangest and strongest diet ever discovered. It can eat a whole DreamCatcher-Dragonfly, although when they are both a year old, they eventually poison each other to death. It is very picky on what water it drinks, as it will only drink fungus infested waters as fungus is its main sort of food source. If you are a restaurant, you have to be cautious that you lock all doors as this earwig has been known to raid kitchens and dining rooms.



As they are so picky on their location, this earwig always has to be near a piece of mould or fungi.The first ever Shadow-fly Earwig was seen in a high-tech apartment in Panama. Zoologists predict that they live in these conditions as there are many supplies for their food source and it is a very cold apartment. Although they have been as far as Liverpool, UK right next to a crumbling bridge. Explorers have been on an investigation checking all around the colder climates areas of the earth.

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