The Buzzing Drgaonfly

The buzzing dragonfly is a rare type of dragonfly that has been discovered last month in a bucket near the parlament of jewels.Since it’s discovery,scientists have been  working day and night to find enough information about it .But how will you know what it looks like?Read below to find out.

The buzzing dragonfly has features like any other dragonfly,however it has some unique features including:emerald eyes,fluttering wings and a wiggly tail that wiggles when soemone approaches it or their is footsteps.

Suprisingly,although it’s small it weighs the heaviness of a tv!The buzzing dragonfly can be identified is that it has a curly abdomen.Even though it can’t go near a ladybug,it can still be seen crawling around a graveyard.BEWARE.These rare creatures have been known to sneak into children’s bedrooms from the chimney,so shut your windows at all time children!

Many people think that those creatures are harmless and scientists are lying,yet there not.These creatures can bite you and insert venom into your skin infectig you as they do it.This would leave you in untalkable pain,not to say that it also causes throwing up and dizziness.If you are able to make it out alive run away as fast as you can and go drink as much water as you can.If you come across one of thesecreatures hide and get a bucket to trap it(be alert and don’t get too close).


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