The Camile-Bee

The Camile-Bee is an extraordinary creature but sadly it has become critically endangered. This amazing creature is about the size of a dragonfly. It is rarely seen nowadays, only in specific locations.


The Camile-Bees eyes are very large, which allows it to see in all directions, this helps them to see their prey easier, in addition it helps them stay safe as there is much less chance of them being snuck up on. Its body is covered in spirals so that if anything looks at it for too long will be hypnotised!

Habitat and diet:

The Camile-Bee lives in the general area ( and surrounding) White Mountain National Park, this is because it likes the maple trees and the winding rivers. Shockingly, this unbelievable creature likes swimming- on multiple occasions it has been seen jumping off one of the mountains into the lake. Scientists believe this is because it is a cold blooded creature. It enjoys sliced fruits and drinks the cold lake water.


At midnight, the Camile-Bee enjoys to fly around downtown Alaska- which is the closest civilisation to the Camile-Bees home- it enjoys landing on taller buildings and star gaze, the Camile-Bee comes out at midnight because it is semi nocturnal, this means it sleeps in the mornings, hunts in the afternoon and flies around at night.

Dangerous features:

Were you already surprised with how extraordinary Camile-Bee is? Well there’s more.On the underside of its wings are eight knives so they can swoop down and kill their prey. The most unusual thing about the Camile-Bee is that it has a stinger, which is four and a half inches long. Also when it releases, it lets out a deadly poison that kills in one tenth of a second!


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