The demon slayer

The demon slayer is greedy as he likes everything for himself. He can scratch you and the mark will never leave but you will forget what happened. 




His behaviour is horrendous as he will strangle you with his curvy tail as he hates humans for killing his family. If you see him don’t run, stay still or say bye to your life. He can kill you in 0.2 seconds! But he kills 2.8 million people a year (he wouldn’t care only if you are nice to him, that is when he cares.) All you hear is “Revenge finally!!




His diet is very odd as his favourite food is… HUMANS! His drink you don’t wanna  know but i will say because i am happy today so it is.. Blood and his second favourite food is their flesh but they chew the bone for some reason and I don’t know why.




When you see him, he looks cute even though he is evil and has a terrifying face. His eyes look like hell. He has wings of a devil and the smile of a demogorgon. When he is in the air everyone mistakes him for a bat because the only thing they can see is a black shadow. He looks very young even though he is old.




If you follow him you will see where this beast lives. 99% don’t know where he lives but 1% do know  and you will notice him in hell or in the woods as he has a bit of hell and nature in him! If you go in the woods and look at the oak trees you might see him eating.The terrifying thing about the demon slayer is that he has a black old tongue.

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