the jumping web slinger

The Jumpin web slinger 


The jumping web slinger is an unknown species; it’s a hybrid between four different bugs ; a spider,a flea, a grasshopper and a beetle.



This insect is a foot long and a foot wide; it has razor sharp teeth to rip through the skin off of                     cattle and two antennae to detect predators.The jumping web slinger has eight long legs and has a web slinger creator.


Special abilities

This amazing insect uses its long legs to jump 20m. It has a pattern to attract a mate when it finds the perfect one. It glows as bright as the moon. It has a stinger to pierce through the skin; it is also long enough to penetrate the bone to make the animal weak.



This carnivore lives in grassy fields up north america with lots of cattle.



This beast feasts on delicious bone marrow and it also feasts on cattle.


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