The lava-killer! BEWARE!

The lava-killer has become critically endangered so it is very rare for you to see one. Even scientists are begging to see one.

The lava-killer has spikes on his arms and shoulder so that if something jumps on him he could just stab them with it. He also is magma coloured so that he can turn into a magma rock and when the creature isn’t looking he can jump out and use his big feet to stamp on them.

Habitat and Diet
This creature lives in a gigantic volcano so that none of the creatures can attack him at night. He doesn’t eat anything but he does have to drink lava to survive because that is how he gets his energy. Isn’t that interesting?

He is very dangerous because if you go near him he will use his scorpion hands (that he rarely uses) to kill you with the venom that it has in it. It even has a shock power that can make your brain forget about everything that happened to you so you might want to watch out people.

Dangerous features
Something dangerous about this creature is that he can use his Lazerbeam to defend himself from other animals. He also will stare into your soul until you die and use his Thundershock to make your body disappear. The most frightening thing about the lava-killer is that he can use his ROAR! To make your whole body freeze…BEWARE!

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