The leaf crawler.

The Leaf Crawler


TheLeaf Crawler is a weird looking creature and not long ago they  had  been discovered but its abilities are very unknown.



You’re probably wondering,what does this creature eat? Well it eats loads of fascinating things like: HUGE tarantulas; Snake skin, Cockroaches and many more!  There are too many. I can’t name them all.



This creature gets angry when you touch it or pounce at it.

 The one thing you cannot do is don’t pick it up! Or it will bite you and put you in hospital.


This insect lives in the Amazon Rainforest and some other random forest you could find them in. Some can live in the Amazon river because they can live underwater and land! It hunts and it camouflages so its prey can’t see it.The creature only lives in forests and water as it can only be in cold places, not warm.The creature has many features like the palms on his back make him travel and lift him up.It has antennas that  electrocute people and cause death.

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