The mighty-warrior mantis

The Mighty-Warrior Mantis



The mighty-warrior mantis can sometimes disguise itself as a normal mantis with the help of just a plain, ordinary green leaf. It does have quite a few secrets though; by the way it never ever ever takes off what seemed like a tiny, golden, barbarian roman helmet. In addition; it has a blade tail and blades for feet; empowered legs and the huge horn on its helmet is as powerful as a rhino.


Special abilities

This mantis already looks crazy enough but it has some spine-chilling shocking abilities; one of them is to get its tail to come alive and seek and destroy whatever it wants. It can also launch its sword feet, like a flying blade boomerang. It also has an ability to get temporary mini spikes on its helmet which are made of poisonous thorns. Its final ability is to empower its armour fully.



We do not fully know about this mantis, but we think it is a herbivore because we only see it eating plants and flowers. It does kill creatures but does not eat them. The mighty-warrior mantis poisons the body instead. We think it adores flowers because we have seen it easily eat the stems but takes the flowers somewhere; but in farms, farmers say it gets rid of every strawberry in sight. So we think it either: hates strawberries; or loves to enjoy and feast on them, we don’t know.



The mighty-warrior mantis often lives in small caves about the size of an anthill, but it does move often. You can tell how many times it’s moved. It depends on how many flowers are there and each layer for each member living there. You can find them everywhere: like in a football field; or maybe a farm field; they could even be in a gorgeous garden.


Final words

We still do not know much about this creature, it could be dangerous to humans or it could be helpful, we don’t know. But do you know anything special about the mighty-warrior  mantis.

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