The Poisonous crawler

The Poisonous crawler

The Poisonous crawler is not like any other astonishing insect, scientist have been studying this creature for a decade now. What would happen if you saw it and what does it look like? If you would like to find out carry on reading these appealing facts (which you should do) read the paragraphs below.



This deadly creature has ten longs legs that digs in your skin and muscles which leaves you with a headache and you’ll end up blacking out. Its whole body is more a less black but has little silver dots on its face so when it bites you, they will go massive. The size of this poisonous crawler is around 2cm, but it can go up to 3cm. This lethal creature is the size of a red admiral butterfly at full flight. Astonishingly, this creature can affect or even kill you in one minute! Always look out for this creature it could be anywhere at anytime!


Negative facts!

This venomous creature has killed up to ten people and affected over a hundred people which is terrible. The longest this creature has took to affect someone is three minutes. You will be very lucky if it has only affected you and not killed you. When this creature is dead and you touch it you could still be massively affected and given a illness.

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