The Rainbow Firefly

Have you ever noticed how fascinating insects can be to some,and especially the types that are barely noticed during your whole entire life span that are extremely rare such as the Rainbow Firefly.



On this ever so recently discovered creature it has big beady fly-like eyes and can see within a 360 degree radius in addition,its multicoloured scales as an attractive suit of armour to protect itself from dangerous weather (thunderstorms,rain and hail.).It also uses its microscopic hands and feet like mini suction cups to grip onto the stems of flowers,also it uses its skinny twig like antennae to sense nearby flower beds and rainbow’s.



If the Rainbow Firefly is felt threatened by a human/Just like you/it will bite and pierce your skin and you will start to bleed one colour from the rainbow at a time.However if it’s scared the shy creature will deflate it’s flexible body into 2D matter and will squeeze into a small crevice in the area and flea from you and flutter of into the distance.



The mysterious creature doesn’t really have much of a diet at all and it only consists from the sticky glue-like sap from various trees such as the mighty oak/birch and spruce it also feeds on the seeds of the lively bright sunflower.



This multicoloured creature can be found in many vibrant cheery places such as a flowerbed/rainbows or even rarely at your local nearby park or at a parade of easter,however even more rare it can be found at a ten out of hundred percent chance of finding it in those places.

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