The slayer wasp



On top of its head, it has a needle similar to a Sword-fish.

The slayer wasps main danger is it’s deadly and I mean deadly stinger and if you do get stung by it, you will feel the worst pain you have ever felt plus you will be dead by 5 minutes maximum




This creature’s diet is mostly other animals such as, Pig, Cow and any other wild creature. But on Christmas day it eats human fingers, (it’s very disgusting) But it is Christmas after all. 




These creatures live in abandoned areas such as, Chernobyl, Kalyazing and the lee plaza hotel, They also live in woodland areas in England, Wales, America, Russia, Ukraine, Caribbean, Scotland, Spain and Portugal.




These weird creatures are not known to be friendly, It will charge at anyone who dares to go near it. They will also stab you in your arm if you are not 10 ft away from them so do try and not go near it. Beware.





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