The Tiger Claw Swallow Tail

Tiger Claw Swallow Tail


Interestingly ,the swallowtail butterfly is the friendliest animal.It is known for being the first friendly,majestic creatures.A child called Charlie found one of these creatures on the sixteenth of November 2019.Since it was found there have been amazing discoveries.Do you think he has seen this before then read on to find out.




This bug has two, colossal, majestic wings glued on to it’s thorax.Stripes dripping down it’s salamander coloured body.Talons as sharp as a megalodon’s tooth , a body 20 cm long and the wings that can get up to 40 m wide.The eyes of an angel but the print of a tiger.This butterfly’s big talons are able to get triple the size of it’s thorax!!


Special Abilities


The butterfly is a fast, clever bug that knows how to catch prey. They are very friendly creatures with a lot of responsibilities, these are legendary they haven’t been seen in 1000 years.


This bug likes to eat things like: lice; tick; and hoards of shrimps, sometimes if there really hungry they eat large thick leaves , lonely fish and bigger, smaller animals that threaten their youngs.Their favourite foods are lantana ; pholox ; milkweed ; dandelion ; honeysuckles; abelia ; bee balm ; Joe-Pye weed ; and wild cherry.



These bugs have a massive colony so they will need somewhere spacious.The most spacious place they could find was Qatar, on the beach of Shoundorn or the forest near by.The swallow tail is most likely to live near humans for food.Scientifically they are the most tameable creature ever.


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