Cake Venom

The Cake Venom has become critically endangered. Soon it will be the number 1 most rare creature on this planet. This sweet creature is so rare people have been waiting their whole life just to see one.



This creature is beautiful and looks like a cupcake. They are very small and are about the size of a beetle.This creature are known for having: sharp, silky, rainbow hair; glimmering sprinkles; vibrant swirls; spiky bottom; a glossy, pink face and a cute, small eyes fitting for their white body with antenors too.



One thing about this creature that not a lot of people know, is that it’s not very pleasant to have as a pet. The reason why they are not kind is because their tiny legs can dig into your skin as well as zapping in your blood. Although it has a tiny face they have an extremely vicious bite. They have: a stinger that can lead to hospital; antenors that detect blood ; blisteringly hot body and swirls that extinguish poisonous gas.


Habitat and diet:

The Cake Venom are found at the top of very high trees because leaves are their main diet. They use their antenors to detect blood from humans since that’s what they drink. They need blood because they were created without it so they collect it. But they don’t only drink blood they also have water but mostly blood.


Predators and Prey:

The Cake Venom creature has insects as their prey but they barely eat their prey and if they do they mostly eat ants. These creatures’ predators are commonly cats and dogs but rarely get eaten because Cake Venom’s can fly and run quite fast. The most peculiar thing about the Cake Venom is that it’s tiny and can climb long things.

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