Te Octo-scopio

The octo-scorpio has become very endangered over these years so they are very hard to find. This creature is very weird looking that some people have waited their whole life to see it.




The octo-scorpio has an octopus hat which is covered in rainbow sukers this helps the octo-scorpio to help catch prey.


This type of specimen has a fly body and eyes so he can see in all directions.


Have you seen this creature?


Diet and Habitat


If you are a mammal I would recommend staying far far away from the octo-scorpio because it only eats mammals that are living and not dead because he doesn’t like the rotten flesh, skin,fur and nails/claws.


The octo-scorpio lives outdoors in the county park and only there nowhere else.




This horrid creature is very very dangerous because he can walk on his head,which means all of his really powerful features can take over for him.


Surprisingly, this specimen is not very friendly but when he is with reptiles all he wants to do is play and make friends with them.


  Dangerous features

The octo-scorpio has two enormous blood suckers so he can instantly get the blood all out of the mammals faster and when he is full the venomous sprayer comes in handy.  



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