the shiver winged moth

Welcome. Recently explorers have found a new type of moth in an amber cave in the outskirts of Alaska. No need to worry it only attacks when trapped it is 29 CM long and 4 cm tall. We have got the new facts so. Now shall we tell you more.


Feature: This creature has many different limbs and features hear are the main ones.

This bug although possessing wings does not have the ability to fly yet It at the most can glide. Also, another use for the “wings” is it acts as a shell that is very sparkly in the sun so it can blend in with its food its shell is also as hard as steel.


This creature has poor vision in its deep vicious eyes, yet it makes up for it by having thermal sensors in the top of its antennas so it can be alerted when a predator comes nearby.


The shiver winged moth can use its scissor like tail to suck the nutrients out of berries or cut its way out of a trap it also has a liquid that can be ejected from its tail and in to the enemy this is lethal it is a more controlled and painless form of boiling magma.


Its skin is a vibrant yellow that makes the predator nauseous, and it has fur that is as white as snow, and it only shows the skin on the tail and round the edges this bug blends in with snow when you only give it a glance and it is even harder when it buries itself in the snow.


It uses its feet (which are stubs which it scuttles with) to climb up and on walls by latching on to the wall with its thousands of micro sized claws which look like fur on its feet to scale high surfaces and dig in snow.




This creature is calm unless trapped so it hunts for shards of amber herbs and berries for its food the tail is basically the knife for its food.



This bug lives in the snowy climates like Alaska Russia and Greenland it also makes it den by finding amber or a berry bush/tree and digging a hole in the nearest and biggest snow pile then hanging its eggs on the roof of its den.


Now I hope you have enjoyed this fact file and why don’t you try making a fact file for a bug and be careful thanks for reading

ST Wilfrid co 2022

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