The Waspion

The Waspion has become critically endangered and nowadays it is very rare if you see one out and about. It is such a dangerous creature but a beautiful one as well. Sientices now wait their whole lives to spot one. 




Amazingly, the Waspion has; tiny red eyes that allow it to see in all directions, miniature red scales that are rough when you run your hand along them and eight furry legs which allow it to run really fast. Below the top half of its body, it has black and yellow bottom with long stingers on the end! It has blood red, yellow and black coloured skin and at the front of its head it has long antennae that help it smell and feel in front of it.


Habitat and diet


Interestingly, the waspion likes the smell of bins and the heat that comes out of it. Therefore when you’re at home be careful a Waspion doesn’t jump out at you. Beware! The Waspion loves bugs and left over food that you leave in the bins. But most of all the Waspion loves to drink sewage water and eat furry tarantulas that crawl around at night.




The Waspion amazingly lives up to 30 years of age and if it is lucky it will be able to live up to an average of 36 years of age. Scary the Waspion has bright eyes that stare into your soul and is able to grow to the size of a fully grown squirrel. Another fun fact about them is that they can run faster than a car.


Dangerous features


The most extraordinary thing about the Waspion is its long dangerous pedipalps. They help it get its prey. When the pedipalps grab hold of its prey it is either to crush it to death or hold it still so the Waspion can sting it. It has a venomous stinger which is used when it feels threatened or to get its prey. On the end of it it has three long and pointy venomous stingers. The peculiar thing about the Waspion is its lazer eyes which are only used to kill humans if it doesn’t work with the stinger.

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