Do you become bored and tired on the weekends? Do you want somewhere exciting to you? If so, we can fix your problems! In the magical Emporium we promise the experience of a lifetime! This experience is also FREE. Bring joy, we accept all shapes and sizes.


The 3 F’s; Fabulous, Fun and Fantastic! We are offering you; Smiles! (They come in all shapes and sizes), Laughs and Giggles.


For a day of Delight, Hop to our shop and shop till you pop because we have sales going up to %50 off! Don’t be the only one to go on a trip of a lifetime! – Visit with family and friends! We provide you with; ALL the wonders you can imagine, ALL the wonders your family can imagine and ALL the wonders your friends can imagine.


You won’t forget the fun you have here!


“A marvelous Emporium!” Prof.Snape from HP.


  • One and a lifetime offers.
  • Giving out FREE food and drinks.
  • Kids go for free! (Please supervise 1 – 6 yrs)


  1. Open Fri – Sun. OPen 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  2. Located at L62 on May Lance, 22L B23


Email us at @MagicalEmporium/ , we’re waiting!


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