Come and visit the Amazing Emporium

Do you and you family have nothing to do? Would you want to come to a fun place? Why not come to the amazing emporium and have lots of fun and experience your best dreams and this is free.


We can provide your mysteries

  • Magical room
  • Amazing paintings 
  • Fun games to play 


For a nice day come down to the amazing emporium don’t miss out on the fun.


We can provide experience of

  • There are many rides
  • There are toys for free
  • And free food 


“A great time” said Mr cool.


1)  fun games for family 

2) families go free

3) amazing rides 


  • We open at monday,tuesday,and friday
  • We are at wigon street witherganton H79 OC9


Come and find our website for more to find out fun@ emporium we are waiting.

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