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Are your kids always moaning that they’re bored? Do you just want to relax? Are you always trying to think of ideas for your kids to have fun? If you do, come down and visit The Mythical Emporium and be surprised by this experience … and excitingly enough, the first 500 people get 99% off. Take your boring hats off and put your fun hats on and run down here.


Mystical Magical Surprises are waiting ! Yes we have :

  • Antiques that from 29th november – christmas day 50% off
  • Doors of mysteries
  • Mind-changing discoveries


For a week full of luxurious wonders, ‘run to the fun’ and ‘the fun is never done’! Don’t be a lonier and never miss out on an opportunity to have fun. Come now and relax yourself. We can give you experience of:

  • A 5 star hotel
  • Luxurious hotel
  • Wonders that you can only dream of


You will never regret the hand drawn adventures that came directly from ‘the magic through the ages’ book!


“An excellent adventure!” exclaimed Mr Harry James Potter of Privet Drive.


  1. Prizes for people who have food service.
  2. Kids and teens under 18 eat free.
  3. Fun activities or 50% price off on everything.


  • We open Monday to Sunday and on Saturday we close at 4:30 P.M.
  • Find us near the M60 on Abbey road,Blackpool, FY4 2JZ.


Search for our website for more information or call our office team with 1900 573 248. We are awaiting your call. Email the C.E.O with

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