Extraordinary Emporium

Do you ever have nothing to do during the holidays? Do you need a change in your life? If you do, come visit us at our extraordinary Emporium and be thrilled with our amazing activities. Surprisingly, this only costs £2.50 for one person! Be ready to face your wildest dreams.


Wonderful wonders await! Of course, we recommend:

  • Loads of activities to keep you satisfied.
  • Lots of food and slushies.
  • Loads of prizes to win.


Make sure you win lots of prizes as your eyes rise the size of your thighs! Don’t miss out on this wonderful experience of a lifetime! Come on and treat yourself!


You won’t want to get your money back after trying all of our activities.


“That was the best experience of my life!” Said Mr K Haverts from Germany.


  1. Wonderful prizes for the first 50 people to come.
  2. You don’t have to pay for children under 7.
  3. We guarantee that your experience will be better than any other places you have gone to.


  • The Emporium is open Monday – Saturday from 10:00am and we shut at 6:00pm
  • You can find us at the bottom of Wingrove street, Bolton, L6M 4E2


Check out our website for more information or Email our squad on We are waiting!


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