Mythical Emporium



Are you ever bored at the weekend? Do your children drive you insane? If so, why not come to the  “Mythical Emporium” and be amazed by ten different worlds to explore. Our first 50 people that come get 50 % OFF as a special offer. Get your “ Explore “ hats on and rush to us!


Amazing elegant thing await for you, they:

  • Magical pencils
  • Books from everywhere 
  • Glow in the dark rain coats  


For a good experience “ Hop to our shop” Shop till you stop” You are gonna miss out on a lifetime. We provide: 

  • Anything you can imagine 
  • Experiences, yet to be mad
  • Mythical door ye to be revealed  


You will regret not coming our adventures are from the best book “ The book of dreams “


“Golly gosh! How good was that? I am coming again!” said S Holton 


  1. Raffle ticket – a chance to win a new life 
  2. Kids go free up to 16 
  3. If you don’t like the experience you can have ALL your money back 



We are open Mon-Sun and our times are 24hrs! Visit our website at 

We are waiting for your call!


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