The Emporium

The Emporium 


Do you want to get out of the house? Do you want to go on an adventure? Do you want to have a good time? Why not visit the extraordinary emporium,be amazed by the magical adventures and surprisingly,this is all fun and it is only £2.50 per adult.Allow your creativity to explode in the emporium and make sure your fun hat is on! 


Fantastic exciting adventures are amazing but we offer 

  • Mysterious room waiting to be opened 
  • Souvenirs from different countries 
  • Starbucks cups filled with treats 


Hip hop till you drop out at our shop and while you shop we will never stop! Don’t miss a trip to the extraordinary emporium. Come here and visit while your mind is filled with fun. We also offer 

  • Animals that you can create 
  • Places that you can make that don’t even exist 
  • Happiness 


You will love our rooms that are waiting to be opened and be amazed by the wonderful things there.


“This is the best experience of a lifetime “ cheerfully shrieked Taylor swift .


  1. Kids have there own room to explore 
  2. Kids go for free and adults go for £2.50 
  3. If the adults don’t like it we give the money back 


We are open all week from 8am and we close at 8:30pm 

You can find us at BL3 2AN on Halsted street  


Visit our website to find out more and email us . Come to our website that is We will be waiting !

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